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Remote probes can extend your monitoring with PRTG.

  • With remote probes, you can monitor different subnetworks that are separated from your PRTG core server by a firewall, and you can keep an eye on remote locations. You can install one or more remote probes.
  • Remote probes are useful if you want to distribute monitoring load by taking it from the PRTG core server system and putting it on one or more remote probe systems.

i_podYou need a remote probe if you want to monitor your local network with a PRTG Hosted Monitor instance.

Monitoring Remote Locations via Remote Probes

Monitoring Remote Locations via Remote Probes

For instructions on how to add a remote probe, see the following sections:



How to install a PRTG remote probe in 4 steps

How to connect PRTG through a firewall in 4 steps



Distributed monitoring with PRTG